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   Chapter 24 VENI, VIDI... NON VICI! No.24

First Italian Readings By Various Characters: 680

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[1] Ci si provò anche lei, eh, You also attempted it, did you?

[2] a cui pareva... pastoie, who was impatient to get married so as to be more independent.

[3] darsi bel tempo, enjoy himself.

[4] nato che fu, after the birth of.

[5] Monte Carlo, famous bathing and gambling resort on the Me

diterranean coast between France and Italy, belonging to the principality of Monaco.

[6] si prendeva gran spasso, amused herself greatly.

[7] a mezz'aria, half knowingly.

[8] gli fa strada, shows him.

[9] gli fece festa, received him most cordially.

[10] mare magnum, open sea.

[11] mi passò l'anima, was beyond endurance.

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