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   Chapter 16 CENERENTOLA. No.16

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[1] del suo, as her own.

[2] Culincenere and Cenerentola are both from cenere, ashes; the former with a depreciative prefix.

[3] che tornassero... viso, which might the best become them.

[4] ci sarebbe proprio da ridere, it would be a fit subject for laughter.

[5] tutt'intera la santa giornata, the whole blessed day.

[6] più lontano che potè, as far as she could.

[7] che cosa avesse, what was the matter with her.

[8] Vorrei, I should like.

[9] non sapendo... miglia, not having the faint

est idea.

[10] che, introduces the question.

[11] che non entrava... contentezza, beside herself with joy.

[12] per quanto vecchio, old as he was.

[13] per farla ballare, that is, as his partner in the dance.

[14] nè punto nè poco, at all.

[15] In quella che, While.

[16] non capiva... gioja; compare note 11.

[17] Dev'esser, She must be.

[18] Dio mio! Dear me!-altre in the next clause simply adds emphasis.

[19] di lì a pochi giorni; compare I., note 25.

[20] non, expletive, not to be translated.

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