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   Chapter 15 IL GATTO COGLI STIVALI. No.15

First Italian Readings By Various Characters: 1984

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[1] si sarebbero mangiata, would have devoured.

[2] non sapeva darsi pace, could not console himself.

[3] per essergli toccata, for having received.

[4] faceva egli a dire, he went on to say.

[5] faceva finta... inteso, pretended not to notice them.

[6] non siete stato, you have not been.

[7] pigliasse, subjunctive used after Sebbene.

[8] col fare il morto, by playing dead.

[9] Eccoti. Pronouns are joined to the interjection ecco, just as to a verb; ti intimates the interest of the hearer in what is going on.

[10] dal Re (French chez le roi), to the king's palace. Da has a variety of meanings in the following selections, such as from, by, for, to or at the house of, suited to, as.

[11] entrato che fu, as soon as he had entered.

[12] gran, for grande.

[13] Di' al tuo, Say to your. The forms of the second person singular are used in addressing inferiors; also in speaking to children, intimate friends, and near relatives.

[14] della caccia del suo padrone, of his master's killing.

[15] doveva recarsi, was to go.

[16] avrebbe potuto, perfect of the conditional used where the simple tense would be expected.

[17] con quanta... gola, with all his might.

[18] corressero, subjunctive used after verb of commanding.

[19] faceva spiccare... persona, set off his good looks.

[20] fini fini, repetition for emphasis; occurs frequently in Italian in case of adjectives or adverbs.

[21] fosse, subjunctive used in indirect question; in l. 2 of next page, used after a superlative.

[22] sarebbe parso, it would have seemed; parere conjugated with essere.

[23] per dirne una, for example.

[24] dal vedersi... leone, at seeing a lion before his eyes.

[25] Di lì a poco, After a little.

[26] come sarebbe a dire, in other words.

[27] Vostra maestà sia la benvenuta, Welcome to your majesty.

[28] di, than.

[29] dovevano; compare note 15.

[30] da non potersi dire, beyond words.

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