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Domestic Problems: Work and Culture in the Household

Domestic Problems: Work and Culture in the Household

  • Author:Abby Morton Diaz

    First Published:2017-11-29

  • Genres:Others


  • Words:19636

    Status: Completed

  • Score: 5.0 (0)

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"Why are you being so mean to your new bride?" I demanded ruefully. He smirked in a menacing and ominous way. His grip on my jaw tightened. "I don't acknowledge you as my wife. You're just a burden that I have taken in." he claimed bluntly. "What?" I murmured. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.He was making me realize my insignificant worth. This proves that he is against this marriage. His expression turned sardonic. "I didn't agree to this. I just married you due to some circumstances. But I don't want to get myself involved with you. So stay out of my way." He warned in a very precise tone that sent Goosebumps down my arm. The aura around him was gloomy and threatening. He stood up straight. I tried to climb on my feet. "Remember this. I am not bound to anything, least of all you. But since you have been bound to me and given my name, then it can't be helped." He spoke. Life is extremely unpredictable and it tends to crush you ruthlessly with such unpredictability. Khadijah is a victim of the consequences of the unpredictability of life. Khadijah, a seventeen year old teenager, lost her family in an accident and is taken in by her relatives. But due to unwanted circumstances, they marry her off and send her away to the United States. Sweet innocent khadijah must adjust to her new lifestyle now. On the other hand, Shehzad is an independent, ambitious, domineering millionaire who thinks of love and marriage as nothing but burdens. Seeking nothing but revenge against all those who did him wrong, Shehzad will use every obstacle he can in order to tackle with his enemies especially when his life is on the line everyday. What happens when these two individuals are married? The story of an impossible, irreproachable love.

An Uncertain Present


Grace Estellar

An Uncertain Present Grace Estellar

Alec Lightwood-Bane thought after becoming the archangel Remiel that life would settle back into normalcy. For a few months, he was not wrong. Magnus, his family (both old and new) and himself were able to continue on with their daily lives, taking the time to have fun together in a moment of peace. Unfortunately, that moment was only meant to last for so long. The Dark Order, thought to be long gone has risen once more. They are sure to bring death and destruction, all in search for a power that was believed to be long gone before but has recently returned. Alec has had experience with this group in the past, as have Daniel, Pippa and Harry respectively. The siblings tell him the truth: that he wasn't awakened just because of them, and that a dark evil will rise that he will be called to fight. Alec must now struggle to prepare for a battle he never asked for, all the while finding out the hidden truths unbeknownst to him. His world lays in uncertainty. Things are not as they seem. With new enemies come familiar faces, the traumas of the past come to life. Will Alec and his family be able to withstand the storm they bring? Or will they be lost in the waves of ruin sure to hit. And just who is Sara Herondale? What role does she play in all this mess? A/N: This story takes place after the Shadowhunters TV finale and A Hidden Past(a book I wrote that you should totally read if you haven't yet). It is NOT related to the books (and believe me I'd know since I've read them). However, I may include the occasional reference or three. Hope y'all enjoy!

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