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The Ways of Men

The Ways of Men

  • Author: Eliot Gregory

    First Published:2017-11-28

  • Genres:Literature


  • Words:64082

    Status: Completed

  • Score: 5.0 (0)

Contents ( 33 )

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"Where's she?" Master Khalid asked as he trailed his eyes around for his target. He found her beside her sister but still walked by and went to lean against a table. "Come over" he ordered and Octavia knew the order was for her. But when she tried to move, she noticed her legs were too heavy. Oh damn it! She needed to do this. She swallowed hard and forced her legs to move, walking closer to him. And as she approached him, she noticed the rings on his fingers. He had gold rings on all his left handed fingers. She got to where he was and stood before him, her gaze low. A mixed smell of cigarette and delicate fragrance clunged around him. "You want to be a part of my clan, huh?" He asked and Octavia only nodded - slowly. "Hm",- he moved from the table. "You have a lot to learn, young lady" he spoke calmly as he moved behind her. Octavia brows arched,,wondering why he was going to stand behind her. Suddenly, he touched her hair. "First", he held and yanked the hair and Octavia winced. "When you're talking to me, you don't just nod. You make use of your tongue". Octavia nodded in deep breaths, but getting a grip of herself, she quickly added: "yes master". Khalid huffed and let go of her hair, then went to stand in front of her. He lifted his hands to her chest and Octavia's eyes dimmed. "What?" She almost called out, but bit her lips to prevent her from talking. Khalid got hold of her b**bs and pinched her nipple and Octavia couldn't help but wince out. "Ah" she gave a very slight sound and was almost forced to move away from him. "Still a virgin?" He asked and she nodded but quickly added "Yes Master". Khalid chuckled immediately, alongside his boys who actually laughed. "Are you being serious?" A dark smirk still lingered on his lips. "You can't be a virgin and work for Master Khalid. You'll need to chose one". * Khalid was known as the cruel leader of his group of bad companions - a group known to be involved in all forms of illegal activities. They were worst than a mafia group. Innocent Octavia shows up one day and begs to be a part of his group for reasons best known to her. But in order to achieve that, she had to let go of her innocence, had to let go of her cold lifestyle and act like one of them. She had to obey all the Master's rules.

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