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Damsel[ed] No Rescue Required

Damsel[ed] No Rescue Required

  • Author:m i c h e l l e p a k

    First Published:2017-12-05

  • Genres:Adventure


  • Words:182697

    Status: Ongoing

  • Score: 5.0 (1)

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All is fair in love MiraHarlson

"Like I told you in the very beginning when we met, You're mine! And when something is mine no one touches it. So when another man wants to touch you beg him to stop not for your sake but for his. No matter how many they are or how minute the touch is they will end up Below the ground the moment they do." He stood up walking to me. With each step he took I took one back. Till I was backed up against the wall. "You are mine." _ "Alright Marianna you can do this. One. Two. Three." I counted. On the third count I jumped down hitting the ground with a loud thump, luckily I fell on grass so it didn't hurt my leg much_ although I almost sprained my ankle. I held the gun tight moving slowly round the house. I was in a garden and there were three men standing at different points heavily armed I presumed. When I took one step, one came to my direction and I almost passed out but I was lucky enough to hide behind the wall. I was about taking another step when I heard my name. "Mariana!" White lion called. I stopped in my tracks and almost pied on myself. "Mira I know you are down there. Show yourself don't let me find you." _ Mira is in a hopeless situation. Not only is she depressed from the events of the past, she doesn't remember the things that she ought to remember. In fact she doesn't know that she has forgotten or better still that she had undergone selective amnesia. Soon her past comes back to haunt her and the gang leader will not let her go until she is his. Now she is stuck between falling for the gang leaders endless trial on her life or giving a chance to a stranger who everyone is scared of because of his scarred face. Having no other choice Mariana also called Mira had to give the scarred stranger a chance to be her angel. But there is one big problem with this whole logic, the scarred angel is no angel at all. Now the question is, who is the real devil. The devil Mira knows or the angel she presumes? read to find out! Mature content

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Arlen walked alone through the woods. He glanced up as he saw a band of men riding swiftly along the dirt road before him, as fast as their steeds could take them, they tore through the countryside. They were some distance away. Arlen squinted, seeing the figures only as blurred silhouettes. Before him the sun in the sky blinked several times as the branches of the trees waved up and down in the breeze, flashing the light in his eyes. When the riders were gone Arlen jogged forwards, heading towards the road and listening to the sounds of the falling hooves growing ever fainter. A strange feeling of trepidation seeped into him, chilling his skin. Something felt very wrong to him, and Arlen wondered who the men were and what they were doing near his home. He glanced first one way, and then the other, turning to walk in the direction the men had come from, some instinct within telling him that something terrible had happened. And then he saw. He froze in mid-step as his heart jolted in his chest. A feeling of terror struck him like a bolt of lightning. Arlen broke into a run, his whole world crashing around him. He reached the spot where it had happened, slowing to a stop and falling to his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks as darkness descended over him. This is a story of a man searching for the woman he loves, who was taken from him twelve years ago in a day that changed his life forever. Since that day his life has fallen into ruins, and to find her he is forced to remember a past he wishes he could forget. To mend his sins he must re-visit these painful memories, and learn the true reason why she was taken. What he discovers, is beyond anything he could have ever imagined. This is a story of love, loss, grief and forgiveness

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