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26 and Counting

26 and Counting

26 and Counting

  • Author: First Published: 2018-07-04
  • Genres: Modern Reads: 71
  • Words: 334 Status: Ongoing
  • Score: 5.0 (1)

When a two-faced girl meets a man with two identities, what could go wrong?

When a two-faced girl meets a man with two identities, what could go wrong?


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2018/7/12 18:47:02

nice story

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"Name." He asked without looking up to her. "Emerson." She stated feeling a bit nervous. "Name." He repeated once again without looking up to her and somehow, she got the memo. "Emerson Joy Kachi Smith but everyone calls me Ema. It's shorter, easier and faster to pronounce..." He sighed a but loudly which cut her off her speech. He looked up to her. His cold green eyes telling a lot of stories. Ones she couldn't read. She realised she might have gone too far with her blabbing. Stupid nerves. "When I ask a question miss Smith, I need a simple, quick and short answer. What I don't need is a chipmunk." Chipmunk? Me? She quickly nodded continuously. "Use your words." He ordered her and she nodded. "Yes sir." She managed to speak up while pleading to her nerves to hang in there. * * When bubbly and positivity addicted Emerson Smith is offered a job as a PA to the cold and ruthless Lucas Hendrix ignoring her credentials, she is left with the thought as to why. Working is easy. Working for a boss impossible to please is not easy. A few weeks into her job, she begins to realise you can't judge a book by its cover after all. Left alone to discover the mystery behind Lucas's cold exterior and to tame her uncontrollable desire to comfort him, the two would have to go through a lot. Two beating hearts; one soul whose life dream is to destroy any happiness that comes his way; one lonely heart. An enticing tale you wouldn't want to miss out on.

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